Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Joy Gift

"You are sad now. I will see you again and then your hearts will be full of joy. No one can take your joy from you." John 16:22 NLV

Dear brothers and sisters, have you ever been there? You wake up, your day is going just fine, you're humming along, things feel good and then all of a sudden, something or someone does something and BAM--the joy that you had been enjoying all morning long is suddenly not so joyful--in fact, depending on what happened or what state of mind you are in--the whole joy feeling is just plain gone.

Well, sometimes I do let that happen. And I get so upset with myself because I don't want to let someone or something have that much control over me. I know where my joy comes from and I shouldn't let anything or anyone take it away from me and neither should you. That joy gift--that is from our Father and only He should be the one that has the power to take it away if He wants to do that--which of course--He wouldn't. He's not that kind of Father.

So, I just wanted to encourage those of us that are going through this, don't give up! Don't get down on yourself for allowing this to happen. I do. But then I have a special godly sister that reminds me that it took me a long time to learn how to let others or life circumstances steal that joy, it'll take a little time to unlearn that trait and replace it with God's strength, grace and wisdom.

Ah, the joy gift is so valuable. Let's protect and treasure it with prayer and His words from His Book.

"'I have told you these things so you may have peace in Me. In the world you will have much trouble. But take hope! I have power over the world!'”
John 16:33 NLV

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