Monday, May 3, 2010

The Lesson of the Ladybug

"So be strong and courageous,
all you who put your hope in the Lord!" Psalm 31:24 NLT

Yesterday I was sitting in the sun and noticed the ladybugs. They were doing what ladybugs do best--climbing and crawling and then flying away. Well, this one ladybug that was closest to me was doing that--except whenever they tried to fly away--WHAM, they would hit the blade of grass right next door. They weren't gliding gracefully to the forest of grass a few feet away like the other ladybugs were.

So, what did she do? Did she give up? No! She, (and it was a she because this ladybug had spots, and you know that's the rule. Spots, girl. No spots, boy), climbed up to the top of this blade and flew. Again, WHAM. Hit the blade just next door. Now this blade was a little taller, but not quite tall enough.

Well, this happened about four times. And each time, it landed on a blade that was a little taller, but not quite tall enough to get her out of the forest so she could fly free. On the fifth try, I could see that she was going to make it because it was the tallest blade in the grove. And she did. She got the the very top of that blade, spread her red wings and flew gracefully to the next forest of blades.

The Lord spoke to me. He said that is how we are to Him at times. Especially when we first come to Him. But it can also happen at various times during our relationship adventure with Him. We know what we are supposed to do. It's instinct. But things can get in our way. It could be bad choices, the wrong mind set, attitude, or just pure ignorance. Whatever it is, it can cause us to not be where or what God wants us to be. Like the ladybug, we instinctly know what we should do, but there are obstacles in our way.

Do you give up? NO! Through the obstacles, the Lord will strengthen you and guide you until, at the point when you are ready, He will allow you to get to the very top of your blade of grass and fill your wings with grace, courage, a little more wisdom and beauty indescribable to the naked eye--and set you gliding to the next station in life He has planned for you. Isn't that so humbling awesome?

So, whenever you think that this Christian 'thing' is too hard. That you weren't cut out for being one of God's chosen--Remember, two things. First and foremost, He had chosen you before you were even born. Secondly, you are not alone. If it came too easily, the gift of grace wouldn't have been needed.

Think of these things the next time you see a ladybug. Your Lord is everywhere!

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