Friday, July 30, 2010

The Importance of Being Centered

"But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the center of God's love, keeping your arms open and outstretched, ready for the mercy of our Master, Jesus Christ. This is the unending life, the real life! Go easy on those who hesitate in the faith. Go after those who take the wrong way. Be tender with sinners, but not soft on sin. The sin itself stinks to high heaven." Jude 1:20-23 (The Message)

God knew that we, if left to our own devices, could be easily swayed to the left or the right. But when are you the strongest? Right. When you are planted smack down in the middle--right in the center.

If you think about it, being centered has a very important play in life. What happens if a bookshelf isn't centered on it's nail? The books fall off. What happens if you don't have enough people placed in the center of your aluminum fishing boat? That's right. The boat will tilt and you could fall out.

Have you ever had to ride in the middle of the seat while riding in the car, with someone on either side of you, how did that feel? While the scenery may be a little better for the person on your left or your right, for safety reasons, I always felt safer. I felt that I was better protected. I would tell myself, if--heaven forbid, we were to have an accident--I would have a better chance of not being hurt.

Well, that is what it is like if you plant yourself right smack dab in the middle of your Heavenly Father's love. You would have the protection of His unwavering love, His undying devotion and His endless wisdom. Keeping yourself right smack dab in the center of His Holy Spirit--it's like the the taproot of a tall ancient Oak tree--not even the strongest winds could blow it over.

And please remember, just as the Lord does unto you, you are expected to do unto others. So, be gentle to others that may be a little unsure what this Christian walk is all about. Share the insights that your Heavenly Father has shared with you to keep others on the right path.

Because even when you have the wisdom of Solomon, the boldness of David, or the faith of Abraham, this thing called Christianity is sometimes a scary and mysterious journey. But with the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus on our side, we'll be just fine.

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