Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Promise

"The LORD said, ' I will go with you and give you peace.'" Exodus 33:14 CEV

As the Lord was making this promise to Moses, the people were about to break camp and set off into the wilderness toward the land God had sworn to give to them--their promise land

You see, God had made that promise to them after the Israelites had been living at the foot of Mount Sinai for about a year. It was a year that had some good parts, such as when Moses was given The Ten Commandments. It was there that He provided them with food and water. It was there that He began to heal the scars of being in slavery for over 400 years. It was also a hard year. A year of living in a new land, with unknown circumstances. But now, it was time to move on into the next phase of their journey that God had planned for them. And they were apprehensive. They were nervous. And some were down-right scared.

What about you? How would you feel? Is God telling you pack up all your earthly belongings and follow Him? Is He moving you into a new stage of your journey with Him--your promise land? Are you nervous? A little apprehensive? Down-right scared?

As your Israelite ancestors before you--you are not alone. Sure, you don't have the visual aid of the cloud of God pulling you along. But because of the cross and empty tomb, you have the presence of Jesus living inside of you--leading the way and never leaving you. In Jesus, God is truly present, living among us. In Jesus, we receive rest--rest from the guilt of our sin, free from the need to worry about our future, rest from the fact, that in spite of our imperfections, we are loved more than words can be expressed.

This verse should give you courage to do whatever the Lord is prompting your spirit. And it should also give you peace. His peace.

"I pray that the Lord, who gives peace, will always bless you with peace. May the Lord be with all of you." 2 Thessalonians 3:16 CEV

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