Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Touching Him

"A woman in the crowd had suffered for twelve years with constant bleeding, and she could find no cure. Coming up behind Jesus, she touched the fringe of His robe. Immediately, the bleeding stopped.

'Who touched me?' Jesus asked.

Everyone denied it, and Peter said, 'Master, this whole crowd is pressing up against you.'

But Jesus said, 'Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.' When the woman realized that she could not stay hidden, she began to tremble and fell to her knees in front of Him. The whole crowd heard her explain why she had touched Him and that she had been immediately healed. 'Daughter,' He said to her, 'your faith has made you well. Go in peace.'
Luke 8:43-48 NLT

The crowd was following Jesus. Pressing in from all sides, eager to get a look of the miracle worker. She saw Him. She was an outcast religiously and socially. Because of her physical condition, the woman was "unclean." Anyone she touched would be unclean.

She had spent her life savings on doctors who could not help her. She was helpless. Her last chance was Jesus. He was her only hope. Hidden in the crowd, she planned to touch Him. Just the hem of the Rabbi's robe. No one would notice. He had raised the dead. Perhaps just touching Him would heal her. She sees Him about to pass by. She reaches out and touches His robe. Then something happens that hasn't happened for twelve years. Her bleeding stops. She is healed!

Jesus feels the touch of faith from a needy person. He feels healing power leave His body. He demands to know who touched Him. No one fesses up. The woman knows she is had. Fearful of what Jesus might say or do, she falls on her knees in front of the Lord. She explains why she touched Him, and that she was healed. Did He yell at her, or scold her--for her--an unclean woman touching Him? No, He embraced her with love. He not only told her to go and live her life as a healed woman, but He pronounced peace on her. Perfect peace, well being, spiritually, physically and emotionally. He calls her His "Daughter."

Often we remember Jesus touching people and healing them. But this woman touched Jesus, and by an act of her faith and His love, was restored. The "crowd" pressed in for a look. She reached out to receive love.

The Bible says, that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. We are all unclean before God. It is only His touch on and in our lives, that makes us righteous in His sight.

Are you part of the crowd pressing in for a look? Come on, reach out and touch Jesus just as you are. He will not only heal you but offer you perfect peace, both now and forevermore.

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