Monday, March 8, 2010

Before You Knew Him

"The Lord called me before my birth;
from within the womb He called me by name."
Isaiah 49:1 NLT

Before you took your first breath, God knew you. You are the desire of His heart. Before you said "yes" to Jesus, He was calling you to Him. It is His idea. He makes the effort to draw you to Him. From the Cross He called you your name. It's His idea to forgive your sins. It's His idea to bless you. It's His idea to love you unconditionally. It's His idea to lay down His life for you.

When you didn't know His name. When you cursed His name. When you lived life on your own terms ignoring Him, He called your name. He intervened. He waited. He hoped. He loved. He loves now.

Do you hear Him? He is calling you. Will you answer?

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