Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Healing Touch

"Jesus reached out and touched him. 'I am willing,' He said. 'Be healed!'” Matthew 8:3 NLT

The power of a touch. God created us with the innate need to be touched. It starts when we are babies and continues until we are in our graves.

Jesus knew. He knew that even a man who had leprosy needed to be touched. In those days, once you were known as a leper, you couldn't touch anyone or be touched. Did that stop Jesus? No. He touched anyway. Why? Because He knew that a touch can heal so much more than just leprosy.

It's so simple--a bear hug, a brushing of fingers, a strong handshake, a gentle finger brushing away a tear, a kiss on the cheek--all of these are healers. You have the power. Have you ever realized that? You have the power. He will use you to heal His people.

Since God created us in His image, don't you think that He needs your touch? How do you touch God? With your fingers. By entwining your fingers and praying. By raising your hands towards the Heavens and worshipping Him in abandonment. With your heart--as you love Him in all completeness. With your lips--as you sing His praises with thankfulness and sincerity.

Jesus says,"I am willing." Are you? Are you willing to let the Lord of Heaven and Earth, your God, touch you? To heal you from your leprosy? He will you know--all you need to do is humbly ask. He will humbly comply.


  1. Oh! how true this is. Just as we read in the word on how the women touched Jesus robe and was healed from all her sins. Others around thought she as crazy, but our Lord did not.
    As we go through our mind, thinking how we need to get rid, just reach out.
    Except others hand also, because God may be sending those out to you, to come along side of you and help you through your troubles and hurts.
    Yes lets touch our Father with our hands, so we can all be clean from our hurts and hangups, the leprosy in our lives

  2. Dear Jane,

    What you have expressed is so beautiful. God bless you.:)