Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holy Blindness

"...Jesus asked, 'What do you want me to do for you?'

'Lord, I want to see!' he answered.

Jesus replied, 'Look and you will see! Your eyes are healed because of your faith.' Right away the man could see, and he went with Jesus and started thanking God. When the crowds saw what happened, they praised God."
Luke 18:38-43 CEV

You may recognize this as the parable of the blind man because it is. But instead of looking at it at it's face value, let's go a little deeper, shall we?!

What do you think that Jesus was trying to say to us through this parable? Could it be that we are all basically born blind. We are like a batch of little kittens or puppies. Little puppies and kittens are born with their eyes closed.

They are closed for the first few weeks of their lives. They can't see anything-- their environment, their surroundings, their own brothers and sisters. Their caregiver. Not even themselves. They can't see but they can feel. During those weeks, the caregiver is licking on their eyes, keeping them clean and free from debris and germs. As they mature, and their eyes are ready to take the brightness of their world, the eyes are suddenly opened. First little slits, and then each day, a little more until they are full blown, wide open.

Well, I think we are a lot like that. We are born into this world, and we are are blind. We are blind to the fact that we need our Lord. We are blind to the fact that we are not complete without Him. We are blind to the fact that we are born into the arms of a Father that has designs for us. Great designs. Designs to bless us, not to harm us. A Father that loves us wholly and completely, even in our blindness.

You see, your Father is and will always be there. He has been there from the very beginning. You don't have to ask Him to become a part of your life--He has always and will forever be there. It's you that needs to accept that knowledge and say "Yes!".

This blind man begged. He had begged for a long time. Begged for love, attention, security, acknowledgement, true relationships. But were did it get him?

Then what happened when he called out to Jesus? He only had to called twice. I'm sure that once would have been enough but the people around him starting shushing him. Did you notice that even though He couldn't see Jesus, he felt Jesus. He just knew. He had his faith. Great faith. And what is faith? Faith is believing in things that you cannot see.

What about you? Do you only believe in things that you can see? Do you find comfort in things that are tangible? That you can hold in your hand? You say, "I want to believe but I need something that I can feel. That I can hold. That is what I need to put my faith into."

Well, you know, you've had it all along. What is it? It's the Holy Bible. God in tangible, holdable form.

Are you ready? Are you ready to see--to REALLY see? See the life that your Heavenly Father has planned for you? All you have to do is say "Yes"!

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