Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Acts

"'Plant goodness,
harvest the fruit of loyalty,
plow the new ground of knowledge.
Look for the Lord until he comes
and pours goodness on you like water.'" Hosea 10:12 NCV

Do you realize the power of the tongue? The Lord did. Remember when Zechariah doubted the Angel Gabriel, when he was told that his wife, Elizabeth was to have a child, what did the Lord do? He took away Zechariah's gift of speech until the baby, John the Baptist, was born. The proverbs are full of warnings of loose tongues, wicked tongues, a tongue that is like a double-edged sword--these are all warnings--reminders--of the power of the tongue. Of words.

It's a power that should be used ever so wisely. Just as a word can tear down a soul--it can just as easily build one up. We should endeavor to use our gift of tongue to build people up. To lighten their load. To add a spark of sunlight into their life.

Have you ever noticed how a kind word spoken cheers up someone who's down? How, when you plant a seed of kindness--whether in word or deed--the person seems to walk away a little bit taller, a lightened step, a sparkle in their eyes?

In this time when there is so much sadness, so much loneliness, so much emptiness, why not try to make a difference and do 'random acts of kindness.' You will never know how your acts/words of kindness will affect another's life.

After all, isn't that what Jesus did for you? As He was hanging on the cross, that was His ultimate 'random act of kindness' for you.

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